Send money to a bank account in Germany


Since Western Union introduced the service D2B (Direct to Bank) relatively recently (and are constantly adding new countries to D2B service), not all of their agents/officers have received the latest updates.

If you meet a difficulty in the Western Union office, to example “Western Union does not make a direct bank transfer to Germany.” you must know that this does not correspond to the truth. We regularly accept payments from our customers from your country. What to do in this case? Be persistent, ask for your money to be sent. Let people from the Western Union office call their hotline and update the information they have. Or they can do this online, on the Western Union website: (click here)

If you fail to do it, we simply recommend that you visit another office or just go to the competition, Wise. There surely send money to Germany:



Wise – the cheapest and easiest way to pay from your personal bank account (or even if you do not have a bank account) or by the bank account of your friend. Debit/Credit cards also accepted.

How work? 

Go the, fill in the amount of our service, make a choice in witch bank in your country you will pay and take the bank details and reference number of the payment. Then go to the bank office (or pay via online or mobile banking, or with debit/credit card) and pay. Your order by us will be executed on the very next working day.

To use a Wise please make a new order and choose a Wise payment option.

Please read a detailed instruction how to pay (click here)


Thank you!