Payment in cash through cryptocurrency exchange office or ATM in your country.


The price of the services:

  • Employment Pass application Processing 28.70 euro
  • Courier FRD service payment through the Documents Processing (A part of Employment Pass application Services) 26 euro
  • General Medical Test (HCW) via EuroClinic 19 euro

Prices include taxes.


First time paying with cryptocurrency? It’s easy, please read the instructions:

– Pay in cash in the cryptocurrency exchange office. Please visit any cryptocurrency exchange office and pay in your local currency. You need to buy a Bitcoin (BTC) equivalent to the price of the service and deposit them at the address below. Or just use the QR code below. Even if you don’t understand how this works, please don’t worry, the people in the office know what to do. Your commitment is only to pay in cash. How to find a cryptocurrency exchange office?

Please search in Google: cryptocurrency exchange office near me 

Difficulties? Please contact us.


– Pay in cash through a cryptocurrency ATM in your country.

Please find a cryptocurrency ATM close to you (please search in Google: cryptocurrency atm near me ).

The process of purchasing bitcoins may have a verification procedure, in this case, please follow these instructions when you reach the ATM:

  • Click “Buy Bitcoin”
  • Provide mobile number
  • Enter received validation code
  • Select coin – Bitcoin (BTC). Please buy bitcoins equivalent to 28.70 euros
  • Scan QR code below (you need to have the QR code saved on your phone or printed on paper)
  • Insert cash bills
  • Click send
  • Get printed receipt

Difficulties? Please contact us.


Whether you pay through an ATM or an office, you will receive a receipt. To start our service immediately – please take a picture with the phone and send it to  Thank you!



Please keep the following important information – you will need it when paying:

Our wallet QR code:

Price of service: please view above. Payment with Bitcoin (BTC) –  equivalent to the price of the service

Send the amount to Address:


or to pay string: